Churned Products and Spring News

Churned Products and Spring News

Productline has changed. 

Due to after-effects of covid, the war in Ukraine, electricity prices, Brexit and new regulations in EU some things have changed. New regulations in EU has from March 2022 banned a component called Lilial. More information about this matter will be posted in an article later in 2023. 

1. Petrichor is changing recipe due to the banning of Lilial. Actually all of our fragrances have gone through more or less changes this year but it has gone unnoticed since we hardly use the component Lilial. But in Hermosa, Petrichor and Maison Lilial have played a key role. So it's not just possible to remove and keep the same fragrance. 

Petrichor have now got a new recipe that stills connect to the core memory. This is key for us. It's not as zesty like before but still very fresh and cool. 

2. Hermosa is leaving us. Like Petrichor the recipe had to change. After nine months of trials we have not given up, we have just found out that it's impossible to copy the dna of Hermosa. All the samples of a new recipe lacks the *click* that we search for in every fragrance. And we don't force things to happen. With Hermosa gone this leaves a spot open for a new fragrance. Read more about this later in this article. 

3. SUEDE COLLECTION is CHURNED - That means there will be no leopard glass. This due to the producer having to increase prices with 50%. We're of course very sad to have to churn the whole series. But as an optimistic company we're not sad. This was just not meant to be. We're currently trying out new vessels and ideas - one thing is clear - SUEDE COLLECTION will be back. Better and bolder! Oh and Soaps and sprays are still available until we figure things out. 

4. Pelousê will be discontinued after selling out later this spring. Same reason as Hermosa. A new recipe is just not possible. This will also open up a spot for a new fragrance. 


Spring news and fun facts

After rain comes sunshine and we're already making new plans for next winter. But before the season of joy comes season of SPRING AND SUMMER! 

1. Hermosa will be followed up by our new fragrance ANJOUN [on-jun] that is a MAGICAL fragrance. Red pears, spring florals and mysk. It will be released in the beginning of MARCH and pre-orders will be possible in the end of January. 

2. WE'RE MOVING! We spontaneously made a call on an empty space and two days later we might have done the best thing in the history of Remoair. So we're proud to let you know that we're moving in to an old milk factory. And Yes, production will be scaled up with over 250% at the new location. The Studio in Malmö will be closed for move between 15/12 and 1/12. New location is in Alnarp close to green innovators and businesses. 

3. Come visit us at SPRING EVENTS! We will not place all eggs in one basket this year, instead of Formex we will visit more local fairs. In April we're at DAYS OF TRADE in Malmö. Later in spring we will hopefully come to a place near you. And you're always welcome to the studio!